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The CardiaSure Initial Assessment Program utilizes the latest and most advanced technology to identify those with early cardiovascular disease and those at risk for developing cardiovascular disease in future years. The CardiaSure Program can detect the earliest stages of coronary artery disease, heart attack risk and stroke risk years before it becomes symptomatic.

If your assessment shows that you have no Coronary Artery Disease, or are at a very low risk for heart attacks or strokes, you'll get the peace of mind of knowing that simply following a healthy lifestyle is all you need to stay well. If your tests show coronary artery disease is already present, our CardiaSure Healthy Lifestyle Program can get you started on the most effective programs for preventing a heart attack

The CardiaSure Initial Assessment Consists of:

Vascular Risk Assessment

Your CardiaSure Initial Assessment starts with a thorough evaluation of your risk for vascular disease. We take into account a broad array of known risk factors, including:

— Age

— Family History

— Cholesterol Levels

— Blood Pressure    

— Gender

— Physical Activity    

— Advanced Lipid Testing    

— Smoking

— Inflammatory Indices   

— Stress Level

— Genetic Markers

— Weight

High Definition Heart & Vascular CT Scan

The High Definition Heart & Vascular CT Scan, with the Seimens Sensation 64 Slice CT Scanner, is the most sensitive, non-invasive method available to accurately identify the presence of early coronary artery disease.

By detecting calcium deposits in the artery walls, the scan can painlessly detect the presence of blockages in your coronary arteries that may not yet be severe enough to show up on other tests. A coronary artery scan can determine if you are at risk for a heart attack years before the first symptoms and before other tests show any changes.

If the High Definition Heart & Vascular CT Scan shows that you have significant amounts of plaque in your coronary arteries, your scan becomes your baseline for gauging the effectiveness of your treatment. By measuring the increase or decrease in the amount of coronary artery plaque on subsequent scans, your treatment can be individually tailored to ensure that you have lowered your vascular risk as much as possible.

With early detection, our team of specialists can design an individualized program for you to immediately start to reverse the blockage of your arteries and lower your risk of future heart attacks.

For those patients with significant plaque seen on the Heart Scan (Calcium Score >80), further evaluation with our CardiaSure Advanced Assessment Program is advised.

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