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The Princeton Longevity Center CardiaSure Program offers the most advanced and effective approach to identifying and correcting the underlying causes of their vascular risk. The CardiaSure Healthy Program will show you how to make heart healthy living a part of your lifestyle and get you on the optimum plan for avoiding heart attacks, invasive procedures and surgery.

The CardiaSure Healthy Lifestyle Program includes:

Healthy Heart Nutrition Program

Proper nutrition is a cornerstone in treating and preventing cardiovascular disease. In fact, there is no one dietary approach that is right for every patient. Our Registered Dietitians can help you manage your weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and give you the information you need about nutritional supplements to achieve optimal heart health.

The CardiaSure Healthy Lifestyle Program can also include testing for specific genetic markers that can tell us what type of diet is right for lowering your cardiovascular risk.

Vascular Fitness Program

Regular exercise is vital to decreasing cardiovascular risk. Research has shown that your level of aerobic fitness is the single best predictor of your life expectancy.

Our expert Exercise Physiologists will measure your strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility. Then, we create a personal exercise program that fits into your busy lifestyle.

On-Going Monitoring (optional)

Our staff of prevention specialists work with you throughout the year as coach and mentor to help you stay on track. With an individually-designed program that incorporates your personal health goals, we work with you on a quarterly, monthly or bi-weekly basis by phone, email or in-person visits at our center.

  • Quarterly Telephone Calls with a personal Registered Nurse Health Coach. Your scheduled 15-20 minute session will help you ensure that you are staying on track to see positive results and move you through the next steps to reaching optimum health.
  • On-going support via phone or e-mail with our Registered Dietitians to help you achieve your optimum weight and nutrition.
  • On-going support via phone or e-mail with our Exercise Physiologists to guide you to a successful program for improving your fitness and aerobic conditioning.
  • Waiver of the Initiation Fee at our affiliate CanDo Fitness (a $300 savings) to help you implement your Fitness Program with state of the art equipment and outstanding Personal Trainers who are highly qualified in Princeton Longevity's fitness techniques.
  • 10% Discount on your next Heart Scan or Comprehensive Exam (must be done within 90 days of the completion of your one year Healthy Lifestyles Program)

Follow-Up High Definition Vascular CT Scan (optional)

Your initial Heart & Vascular CT Scan provides a baseline measurement of the total amount of plaque present in your coronary arteries. Subsequent scans allow us to accurately determine if there has been any increase or decrease in the amount of plaque in your arteries. No other non-invasive technology can do this.

Heart Scans allow us to adjust your treatment to the level where it is working for you. A Follow-Up Heart & Vascular CT Scan can take the "guess work" out of your treatment.

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