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Preventing disease and achieving optimal health takes more than just one day.  The Princeton Longevity Center is a leader in establishing on-going Lifestyle and Monitoring Programs to ensure that your Comprehensive Exam translates into a positive change in your health.

Our Comprehensive Exams get you started by identifying potential future health risks and setting the goals you need to reach to stay healthy and active. Then, our unique and effective Longevity Lifestyle Programs makes sure you achieve those goals. 

Our staff of prevention specialists work with you throughout the year as coach and mentor to help you stay on track. 

Every Comprehensive Exam includes:

  • On-going support via phone or e-mail as often as you need with our Registered Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists to help you achieve your optimum weight, nutrition and fitness.

  • Implementation of your Fitness and Nutrition Plans at our affiliate CanDo Fitness. With beautiful facilities across northern and central New Jersey, their state of the art equipment and outstanding Personal Trainers and Dietitians are highly qualified to keep you moving forward with the next steps to a healthier lifestyle. As part of your Comprehensive Exam, CanDO will waive their Initiation Fee, a $300 value.

Our Longevity Lifestyle Program Options include:

  1. Physican Health Coaching Program - Make the most of your plan for Optimum Health with our Physician Health Coaching Program. You'll have scheduled quarerly Telephone Consultation Sessions with one of our expert physicans. Plus you get unlimited email with your Physician and additional telephone sessions as often as you need. Our Physican Health Coaching doctors are renowned experts in nutirition and lipid management who will help you maximize the beneifts of yoru Comprehensive Exam.

  2. Advanced Cholesterol and Lipid Management Program- Our Comprehensive Exams incorporate the latest research to individualize the treatment of your cardiovascular risk. In conjunction with our Physician Health Coaching Program our Advanced Cholesterol and Lipid Management Program provides you with the all the monitoring and management you need for state of the art control of your cholesterol and cardiac risk.

  3. Online Medical Record Access - Keep your medical information up to date. Track your progress in improving your health and lowering your risks. Have 24/7 immediate access to your test results and recommendations. Our Online Patient Portal provides you with secure access to all your important medical information from anywhere in the world.

  4. Interim Exam Program- Let Princeton Longevity Center take care of all your preventive healthcare needs. Our Comprehensive Exams provide a unique and detailed measurement of your current health and future risks. With our Interim Exam you can stay current on all your annual preventive care, measure your progress and update your plan for staying well.

    Our Interim Exam includes:
    1. Complete Physical Exam
    2. Updated Medical History
    3. Comprehensive Laboratory Panel
    4. Cardiac Risk Re-evaluation
    5. Cancer Screening

    The Interim Exam is fully customizable to include additional tests as needed based on the results of your prior Comprehensive Exam.

Please Note: The Princeton Longevity Center does not offer Primary Care or on-going medical management. Our services are stictly consultative. Our follow-up programs are intended to assist you in implementing recommended lifestyle modifications to help reduce your risk of future medical problems. All findings related to tests performed at Princeton Longevity Center and all treatment recommendations from Princeton Longevity Center should be discussed with your Primary Care or Family Physician. Some results or recommendations may warrant additional testing or treatment. This must be arranged through your Primary Care or Family Physician .

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