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Tip # 1- Have a Drink

Maybe it is just the relaxation and de-stressing associated with having a glass of wine with dinner.  Maybe people who have a cocktail after work have a different lifestyle than those who work straight through until 10 PM every night.  But recent studies do seem to provide evidence that moderate alcohol intake in itself provides a measurable health benefit. 

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006 followed more than 51,000 health professionals for 16 years.   Even among men who ate a healthy diet, exercised at least 30 minutes per day and had a normal weight there was more than a 50% reduction in heart attacks in the group that had two drinks a day compared with the non-drinkers.
We probably would not recommend to someone who does not drink alcohol or has other health risks that they take up the habit solely for potential health benefits.  But if you enjoy the taste and relaxation of a drink in the evening you can probably take some comfort that it may turn out to have some benefits to your health.  So choose a good bottle, uncork it and let it breathe, pour a glass, relax and enjoy.  Repeat nightly. 



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