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Tip # 8-  Laugh

Having a positive outlook really matters.

Laughter lowers the levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. It also releases endorphins that work as pain killers and gives your blood circulation a boost.

Laughter and fun helps keep you from being angry, a significant predictor of heart disease. Studies have shown that the higher you score on anger and hostility, the greater the likely hood you'll have a heart attack.  In fact, it is a far better predictor of heart attack risk than cholesterol levels.

A study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2002 found that men with the highest level of anger in response to stress were three times more likely to develop premature heart disease and were six times more likely to have a heart attack by the age of 55.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that people who described themselves as optimistic had a 50% decrease in the risk of early death compared with those who leaned more toward pessimism. Those with a positive outlook on life are probably less stressed and have lower blood pressure.

Stressful situations are unavoidable.  But, we can change how we react to them.  Let everyday stresses roll off your shoulders.  Find the humor in things.  When someone e-mails you a joke, instead of treating it as a nuisance that interrupts your important work, take a moment to enjoy a good laugh and make the day more tolerable .


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