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64-Slice CT High Definition Coronary Artery Scans

The 10-Second Scan That Can Save Your Life
or Give You Peace Of Mind

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Every 60 seconds, someone in this country suffers a fatal heart attack. In half of those cases, there is NO warning or previous symptoms.

When detected early, chances are good that the progression of the disease can be halted or even reversed and heart attacks or strokes can be prevented. A 64-Slice CT Heart Scan is your first step in detecting the earliest signs of plaque your arteries and lowering your risk.

The 64-Slice CT Heart Scan is simply the most accurate and effective tool for measuring your cardiovascular risk.

Stress tests don't show any abnormalities until an artery is at least 60% narrowed.By the time you have a positive stress test you need a stent or bypass surgery and are already very high risk for a heart attack. But most heart attacks occur in arteries that are less than 50% narrowed and are therefore NOT detectable by any form of stress testing.

Studies have shown that the "usual" risk factors, such as cholesterol levels, are no better at predicting who will have a heart attack than a coin-toss.

The only non-invasive way to know for sure if you are developing plaque in your arteries at the point where itt can be effectively treated before you are high risk is to painlessly look directlly at the arteries with a Heart Scan.

By detecting calcium deposits in the artery walls, the Seimens Sensation 64-Slice High Definition Heart Scan can detect the presence of blockages in your coronary arteries that may not yet be severe enough to show up on other tests.

With early detection, our team of specialists can design an individualized program for you to immediately start to reverse the blockage of your arteries and lower your risk of future heart attacks.

To learn more about how heart attacks happen and how to prevent them with early detection and treatment read Understanding Heart Attacks

The 64-Slice CT Heart Scan is Reccommended for:

Men 35 or older and women 40 or older. Younger individuals with any of the following risk factors should also be considered:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • History of tobacco use
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Overweight or obese
  • Family History of heart disease
  • Significant emotional or job-related stress
  • Other vascular disease

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For More Information About the 64 Slice CT Heart Scan-
See our Heart Scan FAQ

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"More powertul than even the best non-invasive tool for predicting a heart attack or coronary episode, even in apparently healthy people"
- The American Heart Assocation

An up close and personal
look at a heart scan

"Today" show host Matt Lauer undergoes
a heart scan procedure for the series
"Saving Your Life: Modern Medical Miracles."


Watch Matt Lauer's Heart Scan
on The Today Show

Heart Disease Facts

• 1 in 3 adults – both men and women - has some form of cardiovascular disease.

• 70% of heart attacks occur in people with "normal: cholesterol levels

• About every 26 seconds an American will suffer a coronary event and about every minute someone will die from one.

• Each year about 1.5 million Americans will have a heart attack with absolutely no warning signs. For about half of those, the heart attack will be fatal.

• In the time it took to read this, two people had a coronary event and one of them died.

Source: American Heart Association-2006 Update

Examples of Coronary Artery Scans

"Coronary calcium scores predicted coronary disease events independently of standard coronary disease risk factors. Coronary calcium scores also predicted coronary disease with significantly more accuracy than standard risk factors "
—Dr. Alan Guerci,
St. Francis Heart Study

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