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Full Body Scans

The Revolution in Prevention and Early Detection


Full Body Scans Can Detect:
::  Disease of the Spine
::  Kidney & Gall Stones
::  Cysts or Tumors
::  Prostate Disease
::  Endocrine Disease
::  Diseases of the Lungs
::  Heart Disease
::  Cancer
::  Vascular Disease
::  Ovarian Disease
::  Aneurysms
::  Osteoporosis

High Definition CT Full Body Scans take a direct look inside to find the early stages of the leading killers: cancer, aneurysms, coronary and vascular disease.

Now, you can find the potentially life-threatening diseases that are often missed with physical exam or standard screening tests before they become symptomatic and when treatment is likely to be easier and more effective.

Get Peace of Mind

Fortunately, most scans show that the internal organs all appear to be normal. Your Full Body Scan can bring you the peace of mind of knowing that you have used the latest technology to look for the cancers, plaque, aneurysms, stones, cysts and other abnormalities that other tests frequently miss.

In-Depth Screening

In addition to scanning your Abdomen and Pelvis, your CT Full Body Scan also includes the Coronary Artery Scan and the Lung Scan,

The Coronary Artery Scan can reveal plaque (coronary artery disease) many years before it can be found by physical examination, EKG, or stress test. If plaque is present, early treatment can help to prevent strokes, heart attacks or the need for stents or bypass. If your arteries are clear, you may be able to avoid the need for cholesterol drugs or more invasive testing.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer, accounting for about 1 in every 4 cancer deaths. The High Definition Lung Scan, can detect early lung tumors as small as 1mm, about 1/8 of the size at which they are visible on a chest X-ray. Lung Scans can also detect early stages of emphysema, damage from asbestosis, pneumonia, and other infectious and inflammatory conditions.

This thorough evaluation will give you detailed images from your neck to your hips. In addition to detecting many cancers, this scan can also reveal other problems such as kidney stones, gall stones, and aneurysms, giving you advance warning before any symptoms are present.

Fast, Painless and Non-Invasive

Full Body Scans are fast and painless. The scan takes only seconds and you can remain fully clothed The Full Body Scan does not require any needles or injections. Our Safer Scan Protocols require much less radiation than conventional diagnostic CT scans.

Immediate Results

As soon as your scan is completed, you will meet with one of our Board-Certified physicians to review your results. We show you your actual scan images and take you on a tour of your inner organs. If anything is found, we can give you advice on the next steps to take. If everything is normal, you'll have peace of mind.

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